All that you get with Xfinity Home

All that you get with Xfinity Home

21/04/2022 Off By Campbell Joe

Xfinity by Comcast is one of the best telecommunication brands in the U.S. With a rich history dating back several decades, Xfinity is known for its innovative additions to the telecom industry. From high-speed internet connections to the all-encompassing TV and entertainment options and unlimited phone service, there is little that escapes the world of Xfinity. And, with good reason too.

Xfinity Home is a much more recent addition to the list of Xfinity services.  Even with an experience of less than a decade under its belt, Xfinity Home security services manage to stand out in a crowd. This is courtesy of the award-winning security system that Xfinity has designed, complete with intuitive technology, smart equipment, and monitoring options. Xfinity gives you a sense of complete control of your home – both inside and outside your home. Customize your security system the way you deem fit and let the professionals take care of the rest. Such are the services of the Xfinity Home Security system.

Investing in a new security system can be a tough call to make, one that we hope to make easy for you. Hence, in this article, we talk about some of the features and perks that you get with the Xfinity Home. So, buckle up!

1. Wi-Fi-controlled Cameras

With Xfinity Home cameras, keep an eye on all things around your home, even when you are not in. Place cameras wherever you want, both indoors as well as outdoors to look after your home. You can start with as little as just a few cameras to monitor the most important or sensitive aspects of your home. As your need increases, you can hook on more cameras to achieve a balanced home security system.

One of the best things is that Xfinity Home cameras are all connected through Wi-Fi. This way you can access live video feed remotely on your Xfinity Home mobile app, the online portal, and even on your X1. Tune into your video feed in real-time through all cameras on your device, regardless of where you are. It also allows you to arm or, disarm your system even when you are not home. Moreover, automated and smart notifications are sent directly to your phone, so you are always aware of any suspicious activity on your property. These Xfinity Wi-Fi cameras form the backbone of the Xfinity Home security service.

2. Professional Monitoring

Although Xfinity gives you control and monitoring of your home, there is more to it. Whenever you are in a position where you cannot repeatedly check your phone, Xfinity has you covered. A team of trained professionals monitors your house 24/7 from an Xfinity-certified and award-winning monitoring station. The team is efficient at dealing with emergencies and will alert the local authorities for you in any unfortunate event. If you are away or in a situation where you cannot answer your phone, you can trust Xfinity to handle the matter for you.

Xfinity Home customers also get a great alarm system complete with battery backup in case of power failures. While professional monitoring is not available at all tiers of the Xfinity Home service, it does come highly recommended and at little additional cost to the self-monitor plans by Xfinity.

3. Motion Sensors and Special Detectors

Xfinity Home comes with a set of motion detectors that can be mounted on doors as well as windows. These exterior-mounted motion detectors work as window and door sensors and give you an added layer of security for your home. You can customize rules to get alerts in real-time via messages or email whenever someone comes to the door, or when a window opens. The motion detectors are smart and pet-friendly, which means your cat prancing around the house will not trigger them. This is undoubtedly a piece of good news for pet owners all around the country.

Xfinity Home offers a range of smart detectors too, for an added level of security for smoke, CO, and water leak detection. These are add-ons and can be attached to your Xfinity Home security system at any time.

4. Smart Home Automation

Xfinity Home is an all-in-one security solution that can do so much more than just defend your home. Service subscribers are able to control home automation and smart devices throughout their homes. These include smart lights, thermostats, and even outlets! All you have to do is reach the Xfinity Home app or do so directly on the touchscreen controller. Hence, whether you are in or away, your house controls are always at your fingertips.

Smart lighting is a set of programmable controls that allow you to control the lights in your home remotely. For instance, you can get them to turn on before you reach home, so you never have to worry about leaving your house dark again. You can also create a lighting schedule that works for you and is energy-efficient too.

Smart thermostats are a thing of beauty, bringing you better control over your home climate. Set heating or cooling of your home, as the weather demands even when you are away on vacation. You will never have to pay a mad electricity bill again!

Smart outlet controllers with Xfinity Home give you the entire control of your home appliances, even on the move. Want to have a pot of freshly brewed coffee, ready before you reach home? If it is plugged into a smart outlet, you can turn the coffee machine on, and get home just in time for a fresh cup! The applications of the smart plugs and outlets are endless and ones that make life so much easier.

5. Monitor on X1 with the Xfinity Remote

Even though you can reach live-streaming footage of your home directly on your computer or mobile device, it can be boring sometimes.  To make monitoring more fun with Xfinity Home, directly stream the footage on your TV. Xfinity Home flawlessly integrates with the Xfinity X1 system, to bring you the very best of surveillance. As a Xfinity customer, monitor through cameras directly on your TV set.

And if that wasn’t enough, the Xfinity Voice remote is definitely going to leave you in awe. Control all aspects of your home security system with the award-winning Xfinity voice remote. Turn on lights, lock the doors, or do more with simple voice commands.

See who approaches your front door and open it without missing even a single minute as your favorite movie streams!

Final Word

Xfinity Home is a set of integrated systems that work together seamlessly, to bring you the best of home security and automation. Discover what the elite life feels like, with Xfinity Home, which is advanced in technology and light on your pocket. Shop for the top Xfinity deals and find a security solution that works best for you and your family.

After all, protecting your loved ones is the best of all things, won’t you agree?